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Marketing Online

Changes in social habits make internet check the trend in growth. Internet as a medium, has shown in the last five years an exponential growth. The range of products and services in this medium has grown and will continue to grow, and consequently, online marketing will also increase.
Web Marketing is the process of promoting products and services online, into the reach of current and new customers through various tools.
This process involves the marketing, advertising, brand management and market research, and can be used as reinforcement in conventional marketing activities.
The biggest advantage of online marketing is that it allows your company to communicate by more interactive than traditional methods of promotion.


Latin Media USA Group executes and measures direct response strategies using the Internet.
The five key areas we concentrate on are Acquisition, Retention, Awareness, Optimization, and Conversion. We provide capable and experienced project management throughout the entire implementation process.  

All our marketing strategies take tracking and measuring of your website advertisements before implementation occurs. This way, you can measure your effectiveness and gauge your ROI. 

Together we'll work to:   Web marketing tools:

- Define your target demographics

- Identify opportunities

- Set campaign goals

- Select appropriate online marketing vehicles

- Develop innovative marketing solutions

- Track campaign results
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