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DVD Authoring

Basic Authoring
Up to 120 minutes of video with customer supplied digital photos. Autoplay or template menu with incremental chapters.$200
Intermedia Authoring
Up to 120 minutes of video with option for
a static/motion slideshow with customer supplied digital photos.
Main menu design with your custom graphics elements or using your video, logos. Up to 10 custom chapter points. Add $100 per customized sub-menu $400
Pro Authoring

Up to 120 minutes of video with designed
main menu. Up to 3 submenus.
Up to 25 custom chapter points.
CSS Encryption - Copy Protection $850

DVD Authoring

DVD Authoring is the process of linking together all the component segments of a DVD title.

Typically this involves the laying out of multiple audio tracks and a video track after they have been encoded, additionally it may involve the generation of sub-titles, menu pages, parental lock-out features or other interactive functionality.

 With a strong technical and graphic design team, DVD projects can be authored and delivered in a way that allows for ease of use and looks like a professional production.

From taking raw footage and assembling into a final product or from the actual filming of an event, Latin Media USA Group will bring your project to life.

 We offer creative professional menu design with custom graphics and development using the latest technology and leading applications.

We'll work with you to produce the highest quality DVD quickly and at a cost you can afford.

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