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Subtitles fees

The Process         
1. Provide us with a copy of your video.
2. Our stenographer creates an exact transcript of the spoken word.
3. The transcript is translated to other languages. 
4. The transcript is then broken in small segments and linked to the video's TC.
5. A computer file is created.              
6. We create a subtitle master using a character generator and recorded onto the video. 


$17.00/ per minute (more than 30 min.)
$20.00/ per minute (less than 30 min.)


Latin Media USA Group can handle any subtitling or translation project: from broadcast television, HDTV- DVD to music videos, commercials, trailers to educational, corporate and industrial videos. 

We're your one-stop subtitling and translation provider and can deliver your finished translated document or subtitled master in a variety of formats. 

Our subtitles are compatible with all major DVD and video authoring systems.

Using the most advanced software available, our subtitling experts will customize your subtitles on every level, from color and font to size and anti aliasing, to enhance your project. 

Subtiles are burned directly onto the tape and are always present during viewing.

Latin Media USA Group provides subtitles in HD, NTSC and PAL and we can easily convert between standards.

We can also provide subtitles and translations in many languages such as English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, etc.

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