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Their readership are affluent, educated and upscale. Newspapers move product build brands, put buyers and sellers together.
Communicate your ideas to hundres of magazines at once. Develop media ads targeted to customers loyalty.
Direct Mail
One of the most powerful marketing tools available for small organizations.
Work Place
We can reach thousands of store in the US
and put your message in the hands of employees at their place of work. Your advertising is deliver by hand or paycheck and it's treated as a reward.

Print Marketing

We successfully identify, negotiate, manage and execute every element of each program for our clients on a global, national and/or regional scale. 

We can assist you step-by-step to formulate your advertisement, including helping you compose your advertising copy.

We have established a wide range of contacts with community newspapers, shopping guides, alternative weeklies, as well as paid-circulation newspapers in every part of the country.

Latin Media USA can build an affordable, proven advertaisment program that will save you time and money.

With the brightest team of media professionals in the industry, Latin Media USA Group is positioned to deliver real, accountable results for your next direct response advertising campaign. 

We also specialize in partnership marketing, branded integration, product placement and lifestyle marketing.


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