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Captioning fees


$250 first hour

$200 each extra hour

$150-$190 per hour with 1 year contract
(price depend on circustance)

Advertising Spots

$125 each (10 or 30 seconds)          

$30 for each additional beta tape

On-Line Captioning

Realtime captions are performed by stenocaptioners, who are court reporters with special training.

They use a special keyboard (steno keyboard) to write what they hear as they hear it. Using a modem and phone line, a captionist dials into the broadcaster's encoder for writing the captions.

If required, the captionist will also dial into the broadcaster's audio coupler to hear the program. 

Stenocaptioners are capable of writing at speeds of up to 250 words per minute, or even faster in short bursts. 

We meet all FCC regulations and government captioning requirements. 


Roll-up is a style where the text rolls onto the screen from the bottom or top one line at a time, rolling up to make room for a new line.

Normally, a maximum of 3 lines are shown on the screen before the first line is taken off of the screen. Roll-up captioning is used in all live events.

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