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Captioning fees

Using a copy of the program, we prepare a caption file,with time and placement codes for each caption. The file then is encoded in the master tape.


$11.00/ per minute


$17.00/ per minute

Pricing Includes:

Formatted captions
Script transcription or verification
Punctuation review
Synchronized captioning
Complimentary VHS/DVD proof copy
Return mailing costs
Final master or formatting

Closed Captioning

Latin Media USA Group uses state of the art technology to provide high quality captioning services on a local and national level.

We perform all steps of the captioning process in-house to ensure unsurpassed quality for your project.

The FCC law currently requires 20 hours per day in all broadcast shows and video program distributors, in order to reach out 28 million hearing-impaired, 30+ million people learning English as a second language, 27 million adults who are improving their literacy skills and 10 million elementary school children who are learning to read all using captioning.

With our software and hardware resources, any pre-recorded media can be closed captioned,open captioned, or subtitles. Several languages are also available.

We meet all FCC regulations and government captioning requirements. 

Closed captions are available in pop-on or roll-up styles. 

The text actually pops on the screen in blocks of 1 to 3 lines and is placed on the screen to not cover up any on-screen text or vital video.

Roll-up is a style where the text rolls onto the screen from the bottom or top one line at a time, rolling up to make room for a new line. Normally, a maximum of 3 lines are shown on the screen before the first line is taken off of the screen.

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